Email Insider Summit

Distraction, information overload, fragmented attention, clutter, message fatigue, invisibility. Email marketers face both structural and cultural challenges in getting recognized even by existing customers. At our 33rd installment of the Email Insider Summit, we fully engage the big media war of 2019 – not just getting noticed but getting genuine attention, not just clicks and conversions but building relationships, experiences and loyalty. For the Summit we bring in 50 well-known Brand marketers responsible for the Email strategy and technology decisions for their companies to network, debate and share best practices about marketing using Email.

In this edition of the Email Insider Summit we explore all aspects of customer engagement. How are email, messaging and CRM leaders moving email beyond its bottom line performance strengths in conversion, retargeting and ROI to become part of a longer term engagement strategy? How are brands telling richer, deeper stories and using this channel to service and care for cusotmers, not just sell them? What techniques and technologies like personalization, AI and automation, A/B testing, the new martech stack and multimedia helping marketers be better marketers not just tech minders? And ultimately, how are brands best executing these tools to make better customer experiences that start relationships.

Attendance for the Summits are capped to ensure conversations, learnings and overall experiences are intimate, productive and highly useful. Each day is comprised of high-impact content sessions in the morning coupled with unmatched networking activities in the afternoons.  We return each evening with Cocktail receptions, fine Dining experiences, and After-hours fun.

The end result is a highly unique format that’s intimate, inclusive and memorable on all fronts – an experience that allows everyone the opportunity to build REAL relationships well beyond that of a simple exchange of a business card.  MediaPost’s Email Insider Summit – A Higher Level.

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