Crystal Knows: Online Personality Insights

Editorial Team Marketing, Sales, Solution Matrix, Strategy, Technology

Crystal Knows is a chrome extension that analyses public data to give you personality insights about various individuals. There are several benefits to a business owner in having these powerful personality insights. Firstly, it drives better decisions and more effective conversations with your clients and prospects. You can adapt your communication style depending on who you are speaking with in …

Smart Mockups: Web-based Mockup Tool

Editorial Team Marketing, Solution Matrix, Technology

Smart Mockups is a web-based tool that allows you to create countless awesome mockups for your business. The types available range from technology, print, social media, packaging, and apparel. Its appeal is that it is very simple and intuitive to use. Even people without any prior experience will be able to navigate their way around the site. There’s no need …

Dux Soup: LinkedIn Automation

Editorial Team Marketing, Solution Matrix, Strategy, Technology

Dux-Soup is a browser plug-in that works alongside Google Chrome. It automatically views your LinkedIn Prospect’s profiles and endorses their skills. In addition, it follows LinkedIn activity and sends personal messages on your behalf. Essentially, Dux-Soup allows you to interact with your LinkedIn Prospects on a larger scale. It is a lead generation tool that makes it super easy to …

Pipedrive: Customer Relationship

Editorial Team Marketing, Operations, Sales, Solution Matrix, Technology

Pipedrive is the weapon of choice for salespeople in scaling companies – the sales CRM that makes selling simple and sales people unstoppable. Pipedrive keeps things moving, stops tasks falling through the cracks and kills the tedium of admin. Pipedrive ensures that sales activities remain targeted, ambitious and realistic.

Moo: Creative Media, Design & Print

Neil Morecraft Marketing, Solution Matrix

Moo is where even the most untalented of eyes for design discover their creative side. Loved by the likes of Airbnb, Rocket Jump, and Quantcast, is your single stop shop for all things beautifully printed – from business cards, flyers, stickers, and envelopes, to postcards, notecards, and letterheads. Moo believes in the power of great design, and it shows. …

Active Campaign: Marketing Automation

Neil Morecraft Marketing, Solution Matrix, Technology

Active Campaign is a cloud software platform for small-to-mid-sized businesses. It is basically email marketing on steroids. This intuitive cloud-based software enables businesses to leverage the immense power of marketing automation. It does this whilst taking full advantage of powerful features such as tagging, lead scoring, and user segmentation. Furthermore, Active Campaigns’ drag and drop function makes it super easy …

Click Funnels: Sales Funnel Software

Neil Morecraft Marketing, Sales, Solution Matrix, Technology

Sales funnels – they’re the lifeblood of any healthy business – driving prospects onwards and upwards to become fully-fledged and paid up customers. But, let’s face it, designing an effective sales funnel is tough. Which is right about where click funnels comes in. This platform provides you with EVERYTHING you need to market, sell and deliver your products online. SALES FUNNELS Designed for …