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  • When you want something done that you cant do yourself use Fiverr but because Fiverr is such a popular site nowadays there’s often too many gigs to choose from, so this is how to ensure you get the best value for money.

    1. Be specific about what you want so that the results are less. For example don’t search for social media marketing if you’re looking for someone to assist you with Facebook PPC. Search for Facebook PPC.
    2. Use the filter to drill down further on the results (to match your needs). I often select level two sellers as in my experience these offer the best value.
    3. Look for the average rating and make sure its more than 4 stars and has as many reviews as possible.
    4. If you’re likely to want to use the service more than once split test your gigs, namely give the same job to two freelancers and then award one of them the future business.
    5. Keep freelancers out of your collaborative workspace unless they’re going to form part of your virtual team.