TOBIE – Where Life and Business Coaches Give and Receive Meaning and Purpose

Have you been looking for an effective way to expand your network and help more people without expending more time?

Then these 5 minutes are all you need.

I’m Neil Morecraft, creator of TOBIE and long-time tech entrepreneur and management consultant.

Something I’ve learned about business and life coaches is that they have a burning desire to help people achieve better things in life — their meaning and purpose is to help others find their meaning and purpose — but much of their time is spent on the “admin” side of building their brand and business… finding leads, building an online presence, keeping up with the latest research and technology, and more.

With TOBIE, my goal is to help you minimize the admin work and increase your “passion” work. The face to face with clients. The witnessing of mutual success when new milestones are hit. Being a part of the radical personality and environment changes of people who used to be in your shoes.

I’ve built a following of thousands of subscribers who want to live a better life — to unleash the world as their playground.

Who better to show them than you?

Let me connect you with them. Below are the 3 ways I can help you do that.