My business is helping you to grow yours

I use technology to uncover hidden opportunities, increase sales revenues and reduce acquisition costs, and I do it exceptionally well.

Hi, I’m Neil Morecraft, the founder of TOBIE.

I’m also an experienced consultant and certified digital marketer. If your business is already turning over more than £1m and you’re now looking to take it to the next level, I can help.

As well as running this site, I work with high growth potential business owners that are passionate about what they do but would like to do IT better.

I use a wide variety of creative, low-cost strategies, to help my clients acquire & retain customers fast!

Over the years I’ve come to learn that business isn’t about money it’s about passion and as Entrepreneurs it’s not our job to do it all but more our duty to get it done. I’m attracted to ‘go givers’​ more so than ‘go getters’​ and so I surround myself with believers and achievers, if that happens to be a description of you please feel free to connect with me as I’d love to learn more about your passions, mine are for #business, #technology and #people.

When people ask me to sum up what I do for a living, I say… “I take ordinary ideas and help turn them into great businesses and I take great businesses and help turn them into exceptional ones.” What more can I say, I’m a technology entrepreneur and I love IT.

“I take ordinary ideas and help turn them into great businesses and I take great businesses and help turn them into exceptional ones.”

I offer private consulting for companies looking to rapidly accelerate their results

When you connect the digital dots and streamline your business processes growth is natural expectation.

  • Content Marketing

    I can oversee the creation and sharing of all of your online material (such as videos, blogs and social media posts) in order to help you promote your brand and stimulate interest in your companies’ products and services.

  • Intelligent Lead Generation

    I use intelligent lead generation software to increase the number of leads on your website, enrich it through LinkedIn and then feed the data straight into your Customer Relationship Management system.

  • Social Media Marketing

    Not only can I create new and engaging content but I can transform your existing content into long-term social media campaigns that can be dripped fed to your audience in order to drive traffic back to your website for months on end.

  • Website Design & Development

    I can help your brand by developing a robust, fast loading, cutting-edge website that will not only look great but will provide a superior user experience, engage your audience and generate leads for your sales team.

  • Marketing Automation

    Get the tools you need to easily create, automate and measure engaging campaigns across all your marketing channels. From scripting your email series through to delivery and performance tracking, you’re in safe hands.

  • KPI Reporting

    A bespoke KPI dashboard can display key performance indicators to provide your team with an easily discernable view of your business performance and can include metrics from Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and more.

  • Search Engine Optimisation

    I offer professional white hat SEO services that will guarantee you rank on page one. I focus on growing your web presence organically, paying attention not only to your website but also your overall authority online.

  • Technology Deployment

    Partnering with me to select and deploy your technology solutions will allow you and your team to focus on what you do best. My expertise in people, process and project management will ultimately ensure we achieve your objectives.

  • Funnel Building

    Let me take the stress out of building your sales and marketing funnel. I offer a fully managed funnel solution that’s guaranteed to convert more leads into prospects and more prospects into sales. Ask me about my most recent project.

  • Paid Campaign Optimisation

    A paid media strategy can play a large role in supporting your earned media so by using PPC, display and retargeting techniques I can help power your marketing efforts and get your business in front of more buyers, for less money.

Ready to take your business to the next level?


Neil is one of the most dynamic and entrepreneurial people I know, he is quick to see opportunity and has the imagination, energy, focus and enthusiasm needed to generate profitNeal Dunham, VP Sales at InvoVista
Neil is an intelligent new media entrepreneur with an inherent talent for bringing new ideas to life. Nigel Sergent, Publisher at BPL Media

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Ready to take your business to the next level?


Neil is a true entrepreneur, he is personable and very knowledgeable…I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone that may wish to use his services. Dean Sale, Director at Voice Mobile
Neil enthused us with his confidence, knowledge and experience and tamed what was initially a very daunting project. I heartily recommend him. Martin Langmaid, Director at Pluss
Neil is a consummate sales professional with excellent relationship building skills, a superb grasp of the sales process and a clear and effective communication styleDavid Millar, Business Development Director at Axians UK
Neil is a highly capable and ideas lead individual. With a steely determination to succeed, he’s a joy to work and explore ideas with. Benjamin Dell, CEO & Founder at Missinglettr

Ready to take your business to the next level?