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So, here we are then.

Now what?

Don’t [really] need a coach? Think again. Here’s why…

Coaches. Once the preserve of celebrities and those in touch with their spiritual side. Today they have gone well and truly mainstream.

Back in 1999, there were just 1,500 members of the International Coach Federation. Today, there are more than 17,000.Over in the U.S. this industry is now worth a cool $1 billion, while back in the UK 100,000 Britons seek the services of a life coach EVERY YEAR.

So let’s be clear – life coaches are no longer hippy-dippy. They can be the stuff of life-changing, business-transforming guidance, support and advice. And if these six warning flags are waving at you, chances are you could reallyuse a life coach in your life.

Six signs that say “get a life coach, today”

  1. You suffer from imposter syndrome

Self-doubt can be one of the biggest roadblocks for entrepreneurs – it can sabotage an idea, strangle growth and tell you that that good move you’re about to make, is the wrong call.

So this seems like a good time to say this.  Imposter syndrome! It is suffered by every entrepreneur. At some stage in their business life, sometimes on a daily basis.

A solid life coach can hand you clarity and confidence, but they shouldn’t just provide you with the reassurances you need, they’ll be there to get to the root of your self-doubt.

  1. You’re faced with. An impasse

You’re stood at a cross-road ! Whether in your personal life or in business. When a big decision looms, it can be tough to be certain that you’re making the right choice without a sounding board who can provide some perspective. You could ask friends and family, but a life coach could and should understand your business almost as deeply as you.

  1. You have end-goals and dreams, but no dead-set plan

Life coaches reach beyond your personal life, to guide and support you in business as well.

If you have goals and dreams, but you’ve never sat down to strategize as to how you’ll reach them step-by-step. A life coach will help you lay it all out – by week, by month, by year, and beyond.

  1. You prioritise business over health – all, the, time

Burnout is real. Above all entrepreneurs are scientifically proven to be prone to health issues. Especially  over and above their employed counterparts. In fact, 32% of entrepreneurs do battle with two or more mental health conditions.

When you’re a business owner, both mental and physical health symptoms can go unnoticed. After all, you’re busy (frantic, even) in your everyday working life. A life coach can set out a plan for taking care of both your body and mind. Then can give you some accountability by ensuring you’re sticking to the program week in, week out.

  1. You put business over pleasure – waytoo often

Be honest, how often do you put business before pleasure – before family time, weekends away and the evening off? While you may be passionate about your business, balancing your work and your outside life is mission-critical (especially considering the poor mental health of all too many business owners).

Unsurprisingly a lot of entrepreneurs are failing miserably in this aspect (30% of business owners work weeks longer than 50 hours). A life coach can help you gain a clear view as to how balanced your life is (or isn’t) – and can deliver the guidance needed to redress the scales.

Ready to be held accountable. By a real coach? 

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Online courses, in-person coaching, sessions delivered over Skype, AI coaching, automated coaching. Never have you had more options when it comes to getting the help you need to succeed.

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