Seven Universal Laws At A Glance

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Everything in this Universe, including you, boils down to energy, frequencies, and vibrations. And within this Universe, there are seven major Universal Laws or Principles that explain how energy, frequencies, and vibrations “work.” These laws, which are as real as the law of physics, dictate “the rules to the Game of Life” and how to consciously create the life we …

myths about life coaches

5 Common Life Coaching Myths

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There’s no denying this… People want to live better. Even people who appear to “have it all.” It’s not that they are greedy. They’re just living the way we were all designed to live. You see, each of us is born with an unquenchable desire for a better life and the ability to live out our dreams. People often reach …

The Definitive Guide to What Coach Training Can’t Teach You

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It is nearly impossible to overstate the importance of coach training. Coach training has advanced significantly, and outstanding coach training programs are available. Coaching is an activity that helps individuals and groups thrive, from the community center basketball league to the pinnacle of world-class corporations. And while some people gravitate toward or have a more natural affinity for coaching, it’s …